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Windchime  3 Circles Aqua Blue

Windchime 3 Circles Aqua Blue

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USD 22.00.- Windchime 3 circles 

    To create a unique object it is necessary for someone to put a piece of your life and experience on it. This transparent glass fountain achieves a special atmosphere in the home. It is an aesthetic and functional piece. Simple and attractive to the eye. It was made by hand, it participated as a simple piece of glass, which was cut into a fish shape, its edges were polished. And it was left to rest on sand in which the pattern bearing the glass was drawn, at the bottom of an oven that reached 1,500 Fº. The temperature should drop slowly to temper the glass. Then it is taken to another oven where the piece that adapts to the shape of the sand is placed on a mold in the shape of a fountain that will give it its final shape. Handmade from a sheet of glass Exclusive design Calypso Chile Uniquely manufactured piece. There is no other Made by Marcela Cofré Ideal marriage gift Tempered glass